For me, painting is to be able to express my emotions through colors, which go along a path that i enjoy and by which i communicate a part of what i am. Light, vibration and the harmony of matter, all of them invite me to play with complete freedom within a process centered on intuition that leads to expressivity.

I was born in 1961 in buenos aires, Argentina, the country where i live and work. I am a ceramist graduated from the N ° 1 Municipal School of Ceramics (1998).

I am a professor for preschool education graduated from the Antonio Mentruyt National school (1981). I also studied art history at the Museum of Fine Arts.

  • Drawing workshop in Stimulus of Fine Arts.
  • Sculpture workshops with Carlota Cairo.
  • Pottery workshop. Mixed techniques I participated in ceramic biennials in the city of Villa Gesell.
  • Vitrofusion at Mabel Waisman´s workshop.
  • Jewelry in the school workshop of María Medici, training in paper-maché, papirotecnia.

My artistic training is the product of my participation in workshops from 1986 to the present. I also acquire valuable experience from my students.

I am still learning from Heriberto Zorrilla and Helena distéfano, both teachers and founders of esencialismo. I participate in exhibitions in different museums, galleries and publications.

I generate a creative attitude through intuition, my feelings and my emotions. The dynamism of the forms and the games with colors are the features of my style.

In each of my works i seek to reflect my essence, exercising the indispensable freedom that the making of an artist requires.


  • Mercedes Giachetti Gallery
  • SHonorable Session Room Deliberative Council of San Antonio de Areco
  • Art Exhibition at Hotel Patios de San Telmo
  • Buenos Aires Desing, participation in project oir
  • Art in Carlos Carella Theater
  • Luis Pasteur next to art
  • Liliana Rodríguez Gallery
  • Sample Restaurant Lo de Rosendo
  • León Gallardo Municipal Exhibition Hall with Honorable Mention Award
  • Sample in Mexico DF Homage to María Elena Walsh "Let's play in the World"
  • Maritime Museum of Ushuaia
  • San Isidro Racecourse
  • Auction Margarita Barrientos Foundation in Banco Ciudad de Bs As
  • Paláis de Glace
  • Sample at Fundación Creavida
  • Sample of Essentialism in Facultad de Derecho
  • Event Exhibition and Sale of complete Collection in Belgrano Learning Center, Meeting of Spring Stains
  • Hotel Plaza San Isidro
  • Art Space Hotel Atempo
  • Siglo21 University
  • Sampple at La Recova de Posadas “La Cantera Interior”, Stains Meeting
  • Space 10 Art Gallery
  • Tarbut Institute College
  • Exhibition in Mood Restó
  • 9th Fine Arts Circle Exhibition of San Miguel, Mention of the selected work
  • Hall homage in SAAP Woman
  • Amia Samples
  • Sample at ArteLamroth
  • Sample Mishkan Art
  • Sample in Vidalinda
  • Sample Country Cissab
  • Anniversary Hall of the Abasto Gallery
  • Italian Association of Belgrano, Notre Dame Gallery, Mention in the selected work
  • Art Exhibition in Country Venado
  • My works integrate private collections in Switzerland, Italy, USA, Israel and Argentina.

    My workshops aim at teaching to create from the intuition, promoting the plastic experimentation. We will also try to address proposals without previous ideas. Work starts from a chromatic, graphic or texture “chaos” and goes towards the expressive search of internal images. Through the interaction between theory and practice, techniques are acquired according to individual needs. You will achieve your unique and unrepeatable style through the linking between making and feeling.

    Notes and comments

    Accessing Deborah Probe's work involves entering into a sensitive field in which expressiveness reports a playful spirit through a process centered on intuition. A mimetic representation of things will not be found in her works. Her world is a discovery where the images are a result of an unconscious that is full of experiences. This way, Deborah features a material that is colored by those experiences that are typical of her life's work. She assumes the picture as a gestation in which at every moment a peremptory need for an answer is claimed. This shows us then the main virtue of an artist: its ability to choose, ultimately, the full exercise of freedom. And this freedom is a demand claimed as the condition for the creative task. In relation to this, kandinsky wrote: "What grows must do it on liberated ground".

    The work is then an advent, and the approach to the mystery that is implicit in art is perhaps the consequence of every work that privileges the fertile imprint of feeling over anything else. An artist as the most suitable tools for his creation has the expressive availability, the attentive look to those situations that demand a unique response and the ability to establish bonds and compatibilities that turn him or her into a true link creator. Our artist reports a use of color that expresses an effusiveness that reaches us. She resorts to tone variations that exalt the propulsive force of her feeling, that is also in stake in the articulation of space relations, contrasts and temperatures. Making contact with her creations will allow us to obtain a contribution that will enrich our sensitive patrimony.

    Heriberto Zorrilla


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